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  • 6 Financial No-nos for Couples   For years, we’ve heard the statistics—the media has reported that half of all marriages end in divorce.  Although this may not be as accurate as we once thought (new information proves that the data was very skimpy), the percentage probably isn’t that high.  What everyone will agree upon, however, is that it’s still too […]

  • Your personalized debt relief plan thats personalized just for you From Element Credit Counseling. Whether you get a rebate check, a bonus check, inheritance, or a gift of money, the million dollar question is:  what would you do if someone handed you $500 or $1000?  Shopping may be fun; after all, you deserve those comfortable, designer shoes and your kids […]

  • Element Credit Counseling new 2012 Promo Video is here check it out.  If you have Medical Bills, Collections, Credit Cards, Payday Loans element can help you out. To Live Debt Free is a Choice We offer honest, realistic advice and a debt relief pan that is personalized just for you. Call today for a Free Credit Consultation  800-516-7352 6160 Dixie […]

  • Q I need help with an old bill.  Four years ago I moved out of state and had forgotten about a store credit card, which had a balance of $570.  I know it sounds crazy, but I’m not a very organized person and the mail was never forwarded to my new address.   Recently, when I applied for a new credit card […]

  • Banks and lenders can decline a credit application for a number of reasons.  Perhaps your credit score was too low, you have too many debts, not enough salary, too many delinquent accounts, or a bankruptcy.  Sometimes there could be errors on your credit report that would cause a lender to refuse credit, or even contain someone else’s negative information.  Whatever […]

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